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Canmore Town Council has not much changed in their attitudes towards the Rabbits, humane rescue, rescuer funding & other rescue issues. We still need your support !  Please sign & share our petition: Canmore STOP Killing Rabbits

This website is dedicated to Canmore Rabbits and rabbit owners everywhere by publishing rabbit rescue issues that Canmore officials misled the public to favour a kill agenda.   News reports are often incomplete and very misleading. Proof in court evidence: News-Courts. I learned from several Canmore residents that this 

25 year old problem was caused by at least one local resident(s)
breeding & selling rabbits to school children.  

From 2012 - 2014 (see footnote 1 below) Canmore wasted about $170,000 to kill 600+ rabbits, which could have saved 1000+ rabbits. Canmore refused to let rescuers bidding to use any contract money for spay-neuter, meds & relocate. Instead $10,000 per month (plus expenses) was paid only to kill trappers to put a cage down and pick it up when there was a rabbit inside. 


Public donations winter 2012 paid for spay, neuter & relocation costs about $130 per rabbit - because for the "open public" contract bid, Canmore officials refused to allow rescuers to use any contract money for spay-neuter & relocate costs - Rescuers had to fundraise to humanely solve Canmore's problem.

Meanwhile kill trappers still get $10,000 per month to pick up a cage when there is a bunny inside - simple & easy in the winter climate. Compare to Canmore new $39,000,000 recreation centre and the $100,000 statue Canmore bought while rescuers were struggling for donations. Since 2011, wealthy Canmore has spent over $54,000,000 on local projects such as bike paths ($2,700,000), a news Arts centre (over $3,000,000) etc.  Why not provide some funds to enable rabbit rescue groups to start a win-win solution to benefit everyone ?

Trapping is simple, any healthy adult can do it, as rescuers proved at Univ. of Victoria (2010 saved 1000+) & Kelowna (2008-saved 750+). Rabbit rescuers respect Canmore’s issues and are keen to get the rabbits out of harms way as soon as possible – whereas kill contractors make more money the longer this takes.  Rescuers can bring many volunteers to solve the problem faster.  Local volunteers are available and Animal Rescue Corp. (USA) could be re-invited if solid support for a rescue funding is enabled by residents comments to town officials. 

Please write/phone Town of Canmore !!  1-403-678-1500                  fax 1-403-678-1534 or send emails/letters per TellCanmore page.

======= footnotes ======

footnote 1:  Since Oct 2012, Canmore officials have spent about $170,00 to kill about 600 rabbits. Consider Jan-May 2014 ($50,000 + expeneses) and Sept-Dec 2014 ($40,000 plus expenses) and since Jan. 2013, Canmore spent $44,400 to kill 317 rabbits, plus $20,319 carryover from Winter 2012 to kill about 200 in autumn 2012.  The $64,719 spent in spring/summer of 2013 was enough money to spay-neuter & relocate every rabbit.  Also add $29,600 Canmore officials spent in winter of 2012 to trap rabbits.The legal system has proven to be very unjust as Alberta Courts have been very unfair, unjust and apparently corrupted by their absolute power, regional political ties,  possible relatives, lawyer favortism, personal prejudices and possible investments conflicts of interest.  Read more in this sites News-Court webpage.

To further mislead the public, local newspapers incorrectly reported in the spring of 2012 that rescue trapping cost $287 per rabbit - but failed to clarify only kill contractors got tax-paid $10,000 a month = $157 each rabbit, whether or not they gave the rabbits to rescuers. The ever-misleading Canmore Leader (now defunct but operated by active Banff Crag & Canyon) deliberately downplayed costs by reporting only $44,00 since Jan 2013, failing to mention $24,319 also used from the 2012 budget.)