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Canmore Rabbit Hostages  - posted 19 Sept 2013

Canmore officials discriminated against rescuers by saying that we could not bid to use contract funds to rescue the rabbits, and by forcing us to fundraise to remove the rabbits, yet Canmore pays kill contractors. Trying to change policies of Town Officials is like pro-life rescuers asking Hitler what do with the Jewish people.  In BC, using gas chambers for burrowing animals like rabbits is simply not allowed – it is too cruel and inhumane to prolong their suffering.  Canmore makes it far worse using acid-gas for suffocating them – a horribly despicable cruelty.

The heartless indifference of kill advocates  to loving compassion of other people who know how good & friendly rabbits are reminds me of  “walk a mile in another persons shoes”.

One wonders what they would say if the roles were reversed for something they care about.
It is unfortunate we have to even care what the heartless, greedy people think since they value plants and a few dollars over sentient, gentle animal lives.  The heartless people of Canmore sadly lack the most essential elements of humanity - compassion, willingness to understand and to care about other life.

Like other places, compassion is measured in dollars, not kindness nor respect for life.

Canmore pays people to kill instead of letting rescuers save rabbits – so far spending $95,000 that could have saved 700 rabbits. $95,000 spent so far paid by 12,000 permanent residents is about $8 per person.  So even if rabbit rescue cost Canmore $120,000 that only $12/person or one dollar a month per person.  It is even less since there are actually 18,000 residents including part-time residents. So really the price of kindness & compassion is far less.
Other public donations have raised enough money (Vickery EARS took in over $60,000 keeping $28,000 for herself ) to feed & care for them for many years ( a fifty pound bag of alfalfa pellets is about $18 and hay & other foods are plentiful ).

Unfortunately, the Killers of Canmore ignore that Trap-Sterilize-Relocate is a win-win for all.

So why deny so many good hearted people and the animals any compassion ?
One can only wonder about the  brutally callous people in Canmore whom supported kill policies.  Reliable insider information says it has been mostly seniors ( like a few I met ) who are annoyed with rabbits eating planted flowers (non-native species) & gardens - ignoring easy options of fencing, chicken wire, hanging flower baskets.
Sadly, they also refuse any tax dollars for rescue, pushing for a kill agenda - despite the fact that they get free pension money, and their property value has increased by hundreds of
thousands of dollars since they arrived.

The greedy & heartless of Canmore who ignore the young children I have met in Canmore whom are heartbroken, emibttered and resentful of people killing their pets & favorite living things. Many of the the adults who think they should just learn to live with the rabbits and coyotes, hawks & owls that control their numbers naturally. Me, I hope these dear gentle animals so full of life, fun and peace do get a chance to enjoy their full life in a warmer climate with no predator dangers or abusive people around. Canmore “whiners & greedy insensitive types” simply do not deserve having the rabbits around.

I think that if people want to save the rabbits then why stop them ?  If people want to place them in sanctuaries that is a better goal or right to uphold than easily avoidable killing.

Would like to have another info session & protest rally the next few weeks to educate local voters of many deceptions by Canmore Officials. We need protest rally’s at Town Hall weekend of Sept 28 and Oct 19th… Please join us to voice your concerns & support humane rescues !   Hope to see you there !!  > : )