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The satellite picture of east Canmore shows there is plenty of space near the RCMP HQ for a rescue sanctuary- it just needs a fence.  The public works yard is already steel fenced. Canmore uses a  huge ( 20x50m ) metal building with a concrete floor to store sand that could easily be put under tarps outside to make room for the trapped rabbits awaiting funds and permanent sanctuary. There are other smaller buildings available and there is plenty of room for a semi-trailer or tent for a shelter for the rabbits - despite Canmore officials claims of no space available. Also Canmore Centennial Park (central town) covers a city block, fenced and plenty of room to put in temporary shelters.
In Nov. 2011 the US sanctuary offered space for Canmore rabbits, then in Dec. 2011 Animal Resccue Corp. had offered to trap and relocate bunnies to various shelters and homes in the USA - Canmore refused both offers.      Recently on 17 Nov 2012 protesters at Canmore town hall also challenged Canmore officials refusals to allow good sanctuaries to qualify or remain options while Canmore was killing rabbits during October and November.  Canmore protesters opposed the unnecessary killing of rabbits using unknown gases which was reported last year as gases produced by using sulfuric acid - the Town has offered no proof of what gases were used for euthanizing or how many rabbits were killed.
Update Nov 2013:  Evidence Vol.2 section C ( reveals that since autumn 2012, Canmore refused previously approved sanctuaries, and continued to kill rabbits even though there were/still are safe havens in Alberta. Other evidence shows kill-contractor is a fur wholesaler and controls over 26,000 hectares of Alberta "public" crown lands.