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Canmore Visits 2013 - posted 8 Sep 2013

 I took a bit of time to walk about Canmore. It was nice to see there were still bunnies alive & well – shy but healthy.  During my Rescuer News delivery blitz I was talking to many people who cared about the rabbits and wanted them sent to sanctuary or just left alone. This restored my faith in the good people of Canmore who tend to get lumped in with all the others who can’t find kindness in their hearts.  Everybody was surprised to learn how the town misled everbody to justify a kill agenda.  No longer did I feel alone in my quest  – my door-knocking & street-talking should have been done long ago by local Canmore volunteers – maybe we could have saved the 500.  I hope the new people will stay involved & connect with us to help.

Would like to have another info session & protest rally in the next few weeks to educate local voters (election 21 Oct)  about issues & deceptions by Canmore Officials.  We need protest rally’s at Town Hall weekend of Sept 28 and Oct 19th… Please voice your concerns and support a more humane rescue effort ! > ; )

update note - dec 2013:  it appears some of my pre-election handouts exposing the truths helped Canmore residents to vote in 3 new councillors to replace the 3 who most publicly commented against rabbit rescues.  So many people in Canmore are thoughtful, reasonable people. Hats off to you all, and thank you for your patience with all of my protests and info handouts.