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Thank you for considering a donation to the 

"Canmore Rabbits Rescue, Sanctuary & Legal Fund"

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The only Alberta based Canmore Rabbit Sanctuary we know of is which is a registered Alberta charity that you can donate directly to and they still have some Canmore Rabbits in their care.

PLEASE also consider donating to :  
University of Victoria - Rabbit Rescue Sanctuaries ( all were denied any rescue funds by greedy EARS - Vickery - see my blog EARS Crocodile Tears )   great book - Noah & the Bunny
or help Kelowna Rabbits -  The calendar is a nice gift and profits care for 600+ rabbits !! 
 - a longtime rabbit rescue, shelter & advocate
Please search Google for Rabbit Rescues in your area !! 
If you want to donate to us for redistributing to Canmore Rabbit rescuers -

you can donate at our website  or directly 

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WE WILL POST A LISTING OF ALL DONOR NAMES, DATES, AMOUNTS - THE DONATIONS PAGE (BEGUN 04.AUG.2014) LINK IS HERE  (donation page offline until 17dec2014 rebuild).


We will hold donations money for reputable rabbit rescue person(s), group(s) & sanctuaries.    We have house rabbits pets for over 20 years - they are friendly, gentle fun-loving & clean ( they litter train easily ).  We have lived in Alberta for over 40 years, have an active business across Alberta for over 15 years as per our website (, and we will continue to be around for many more years.  When the donations reach $5K we will hire a professional accounting firm to handle the paperwork and record-keeping - with full public disclosure.
PS - For years I looked after the Univ. of Victoria rabbits while at UVic & later working in Victoria.   For two years  I also helped Erin Quinney at her Hope Ranch for Animals in Sooke to care for the 300 bunnies she rescued from the Victoria General Hospital & many other abused & abandoned animals she gave her warm and loving home & constant care.  Her devotion and compassion was total and all-encompassing made even more impressive when you read more about her at
Thank you for your caring support !! > ; )
Historical Notes
In 2012 Canmore appointed rescuer EARS who frustrated rescuers then after taking over $67,000 of donations EARS quit, abandoning rabbits & sanctuaries, while keeping at least $28,000 donations thus disabling all rescuers. EARS also did this in 2010 at University of Victoria ( according to other rescuers I met & EARS founder admitted to me: see my blog - EARS Crocodile Tears ).  Donation Alert: 2011-2014 Kyndra Biggy of Canmore collected over $1500 for rabbit rescue but has kept the money. Kyndra quit rabbit rescuing in 2012 and also a few weeks ago I asked her nicely to donate the money to any good rabbit rescue,but Kyndra refused and became hostile.

Note :  Previously I wrote - "a Canmore person (Kyndra Biggy) using facebook name of 'Canmore Rabbits Rescue' quit last year (2012) saying she was "too busy". We have no info where the donation money that she collected went, though I do believe she used the donations to pay vet bills for dog rescues she has been doing instead of rabbit rescues which have been frustrated by Canmore officials and EARS.    We should thank Kyndra and others like her for years of effort trying to save the Canmore rabbits, including providing me with vital evidence later ignored by Calgary Appeal Judges."

Update Nov 2014: Met Kyndra Oct 2014, for past 2 years she has not put in any application for rabbit rescue or charity status, and has refused to return rabbit rescue donations to any good rabbit rescue shelter. Please DO NOT donate any more money to Kyndra Biggy or EARS for rabbit rescue !!!  Please note Kyndra is an awesome rescuer who slaved under Ears to save the bunnies in 2012. But why should bunny money be used for other rescues ? Canmorehas over 1800 licensed dogs - why don't they help? Just $5 each would solve the dog problems at native reserve in Morley where Kyndra worked these past two years...Hats off to Kyndra for that effort, but consider that Rabbit rescue donors are at least 1000X more rare than dog, cat or other donors and there are many rabbits worldwide that desperately need help.  So please Kyndra & Canmore stop using the Canmore Rabbits to get public subsidies to solve your other local area issues...  Where is the Bow Valley SPCA when you need them ??