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 EARS Crocodile Tears - posted 6 Nov 2012 

EARS is a gold-digging media tool of Canmore officials used to soothe the public and get access to private property for kill-trapping. For Canmore rabbits, EARS failed to support sanctuaries as promised, then abandoned the rabbits as soon as donations dried up....after receiving over $66,000 donations in 2012 alone, EARS quit and ran off with $28,000 extra donations which would save 200 more rabbits not just 50 offered Nov 2012 (which Vickery-EARS later refused to rescue). update 2014 - EARS now only offers to save 25 rabbits after learning of my Supreme Court application to investigate EARS & Canmore illegal contracting discrimination.
During 2012 at Canmore, EARS was reported by many to have been abusive to volunteers and frustrated all other rescuers in an anti-rescue agenda to maximize her profits by eliminating competition.
It is reliably reported (see Court blog - Supreme Court evidence Vol.2 section C also at RabbitNews.Org ) that EARS has not been giving any significant money to any rabbit sanctuaries so donations should only go to the new group Canmore Rabbit Rescue (facebook) which has been doing all the actual rescue work while EARS simply took in donations & media credit. EARS kept over $28,000 after all rabbits in spring 2012 were sterilized and relocated then EARS has refused to provide any accountability, abandoning rabbits to trappers autumn 2012.  EARS promises to rescue 40 more were hype to get money, EARS abandoned those available 40 rabbits too...
Canmore under EARS is a repeat of the complaints I heard from other UVic rescuers in April 2011 of what EARS did at Univ. of Victoria in 2010, taking at least $140,000 ($85,000 UVic contract, $50,000 from fur-bearers plus $8300 raised by others plus many more later unaudited donations) but EARS only accepted 660 of 1100 rabbits, leaving other rescuers with 400+ rabbits and no place to go -eventually costing others about $30,000 to relocate the 400+ rabbits to the USA.  EARS continues to refuse to give any share of donations to US sanctuarys that still have about 500 UVictoria rabbits. Instead EARS has been keeping most of donations for her personal use ... No independent professional financial audit is ever allowed by EARS.
EARS continues to dodge taking more rabbits (UVic baby bunnies, Canmore bunnies) but still solicits intensively to collect donations - believed to be $250,000-$300,000 or more since 2010 UVic will now be Vickery retirement fund instead of bunny care where needed.
For Canmore rabbits, EARS has failed repeatedly to provide any adequate support funds to any sanctuaries and EARS has wasted several $1000s travelling to Canmore - instead of email, phone & email photos. Since 2010 EARS has refused to allow any third party audit of donations and expenses so I question who the EARS charity really benefits.  At UVic EARS fought and refused to work with other rescuers and at Canmore EARS gradually took over the local rescue group Save-Canmore-Bunnies after hijacking the websites and blogs by changing the admin passwords.  EARS also is reported to have mistreated rabbits and volunteers, firing some volunteers for reporting unaccounted funds and for trying to save curable injured rabbits and mother rabbits because they were too expensive.
Recently on 17 Nov 2012 protesters at Canmore town hall also challenged Canmore officials refusals to allow good sanctuaries to qualify or remain options while Canmore was killing rabbits during October and November -while EARS said and did nothing.  While EARS remained silent, local protesters organized a rally that opposed the unnecessary killing of rabbits using unknown gases which was reported last year as gases produced by using sulfuric acid - the Town has offered no proof of what gases were used for euthanizing or how many rabbits were killed. A peaceful protest 17 Nov 2012 against euthanasia of the rabbits had good news coverage that prompted Canmore officials to re-open sanctuary access, allowing EARS to take credit again for local volunteers efforts to obtain sanctuary space (then EARS did nothing to rescue the rabbits). At the same time EARS scolded the protesters life-saving efforts in the local news media. This is similar to to when I spoke with EARS founder in April 2011, Vickery said she was dispassionate about the rabbits, and she did not mind when they were killed at UVic because it boosted donations - I heard her say that with my own ears...
EARS defends Canmore officials, regardless of the possible harm to rabbits. EARS does little more than collect donations and all of the credit - while local Canmore & Calgary volunteers find all the sanctuaries and do all the other real work while EARS whines and treats volunteers badly, and ignores proper actual funding support for rabbits and sanctuary operators.  Vickery appears mainly interested in building a personal nest-egg for herself - abandoning many rabbits & leaving sanctuaries without the money they need.
Sadly & illogically, the BC people who complained bitterly to me, now pretend nothing is wrong just as long as the donations keep coming and EARS has recently begun to offer some BC rescuers donation bribes to appear legitimate when investigated per my complaints and legal actions.
Nov 2013 - see Supreme Court evidence Vol.2 section C here at News-Court blog also at