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Canmore officials (Greg Burt, Sally Caudill ) claimed they did “extensive research” deliberately misled the public by witholding facts about rabbit breeding so as to create a panic among people to support their kill agenda. Canmore officials lied there were 2000 rabbits – which they later admitted having no idea, while other estimates were 600-800.

Other Canmore propaganda about rabbit breeding deceived the public when the true facts are that most rabbits born (about 90%) die in the first year, and do not breed in the first year (see Univ. of Victotria info release ).Univ. Victoria research shows that scientifically it takes 5 pairs (10 rabbits) of rabbits to possibly have 100 rabbits per year, but only about 10% of rabbits survive the first year in warmer UK climate or  Univ. of Victoria, BC climate (where 1100 rabbits were rescued in 2010).  The UVic research document indicates that most of the year in Canmore there is not enough warm weather or enough food to trigger breeding through winter… 

Greg Burt & other Canmore officials who claimed they did extensive research at Kelowna, BC  & Univ. of Victoria then deliberately devalued the rescuers saving about 800 (Kelowna) & 1100 (U.Victoria) in 10-12 months, also claiming the affected areas were small when in fact the rabbits in both locations were over very large areas ( 80-200+ acres of bush & buildings).

So by withholding facts & devaluing rescuers, Officials & their media puppets could “justify” their kill agenda to local residents. It is heard from reliable sources of Canmore residents (and recently heard firsthand by this Editor), that hunter friends of  ex-mayor Ron Casey (also a hunter) demanded a kill-method as the solution - and they are all hunting pals with Animal Damage Control which is owned by Bushman Inc. a trapline & hunting outfitter that is also a fur-wholesaler. The longer this takes the more money their friends make.

Ex-mayor Ron Casey ( Conservatives ) won the Bow Valley MLA seat by deceiving Canmore residents “there was no other choice” mid-Nov. 2011 when inf act several rescuers were willing  ( – exhibits A,B) .  Earlier Casey fought against Humane Society of Canada pleas for peaceful solution.

Many residents are frustrated by the wasted kill trapping money that produces a bad reputation for all residents of the Town.  Given the recent 2012 success and public support for sanctuary rescues (news article) why is Canmore killing rabbits ?  Canmore resident survey in 2007 revealed that less than half of respondents in Canmore wanted to do something about the rabbits – they did not even advocate killing as a solution.  In fact many residents said they like or do not mind the rabbits. So how did killing become the method of control ?  Greg Burt, Bylaw manager who wrote the poorly worded contract proposal remarked to me in late Oct. 2011  ”rabbits are like rats, nobody would care if they were rats” so the Official person choosing whom to award the contract bid was very biased to killing. Yet we pet owners all know rabbits are gentle, loving, friendly animals that deserve a chance to live and for humane treatment.

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