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Kudos to Canmore Bunny People - posted 27 Jan 2013

It is important for readers of this blog to remember their are three groups in Canmore: bunny friends, neutral, and killers.  The Nazi tactics of the Town officials are not supported by the many people in town who are against the kill-cull and support a sanctuary. On my last visit to the town office, a weary clerk admitted that "half the town was angry about the kill" - which is of course never published in local newspapers. Documents released by Canmore also show that 1/3 of taxpayers do not even live in Canmore - yet they have had no say in the kill policies, bylaws or extravagant kill spending by Canmore officials.

The Nazi-like policies and media manipulation practices of the Canmore officials are supported by the vocal minority of killers who obviously lack any compassion for other living creatures or the people who care about the rabbits.  Undoubtedly, they need an emotional upgrade to their moral constructs - too bad they cannot get an emotion chip like Data in this websites video LIfeTrek..

Yet this blog is more in praise of the many good people in and around Canmore that care about the rabbits and the many other people online ( Facebook: Sane Solutions for Canmore Rabbits ) who also care about the rabbits fate These good people of Canmore deserve our praise for their staunch, quietly supportive refusal to allow trapping on their property and question officials expensive killing that makes no financial or moral sense.  Top marks to Kyndra Biggy and other volunteers of Canmore who helped start the Save Canmore Bunnies rescue mission to send them to sanctuaries, not slaughter.  I hear that in addition to saving other stray animals in the Bow Valley, she is still working hard to save whatever rabbits she and her volunteers can. Kyndra can’t do both – save rabbits by staying on good terms with Canmore and file an injunction - which is why Canmore keeps her on a string always hoping for more rabbits...that may never come... Worst of all, money that kill trappers get paid could easily pay for rabbit sterilization (or same-sex sanctuary companion cages) meds & feed. But officials-killers act to ensure no rescuer gets any Town money.Yet removing the rabbits does not require killing them - rescue & relocation is the only win-win scenario for everyone in Canmore.  Because whatever official lies you are told, the truth is that sanctuaries are available,rescuers can do it faster and cheaper (2010 UVic rescue 1100, 2008 Kelowna rescue 800+, etc) and the euthanasia used at Canmore is a cruel suffocation, probably acid gas reported earlier (Canmore refuses to provide affidavit to deny this).

With $10,000 per month kill trapping fee being used to kill instead of saving the rabbits, and no end in sight,
maybe there will be enough money left to save the rabbits if Canmore votes ( see muni govt act s.170-230 ) to put on the next election ballot whether to change bylaws and officials policies to enable rescue groups and stop killing,  Perhaps Canmore will also vote to eliminate many of the morally defective money-sucking councillors (Canmore has 6 for 12,000 residents, Calgary/Edmonton: 12 for 1 million+ ).

So maybe it is time for some other Canmore residents to stand up and file an injunction.  My case appeal will take some time yet as Canmore lawyers continue to stall and try to stop the appeal.  My problem was that I am from Edmonton - but Canmore residents would not be stopped as easily as I was for not being a local resident-taxpayer, even though the although the law of the Muni Govt Act s.13,536-538 does not say that must be a resident !   Neither does the Charter Rights under s.2,7,12, 15(2), 24(1) that prohibit discrimination (s.15(2) especially against peoples religious/moral beliefs (s.2) and legal rights for contract employment (AB Human Rights Act, s.7,12 of the Charter ) ... see also Canada & Alberta Bills of Rights...all you need is at the legal documents at and I will gladly help with other info I have not yet put online...

So Canmore, it really is still all up to you - the bunny friends or neutral taxpayers fed-up with uncontrolled wasted money that is doing the town more harm than good - spiritually and for local tourism..There is still some time left for redemption - residents need to decide what will be Canmore's worldwide moral legacy for all time (cruelty & shame or kindness & pride).