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19 Oct Canmore Mayor fumes over Rabbit kill protest, calls bylaw & RCMP to stop quiet protest.

more info - see Events page

10 Sept   Here was a link to the latest debacle about EARS>         the Vancouver Island sanctuary operated by Susan Vickery who was the rabbit advisor appointed by Town of Canmore.

*Oct note: witnesses pressured to remove pages of  photos of dead rabbits & desolate sanctuary. 

Today 10 Sept I spoke with some people who said they worked at the sanctuary for awhile & that they saw about 70 dead rabbits in cages with that were just left to die without food & water. Complaints were filed with RCMP & BC SPCA - local news media swept under rug (as usual).  more evidence is expected in the next few weeks... will post new links here at this website...

see also my blog "EARS Crocodile Tears" at


We sincerely thank the very many Canmore & Bow Valley voters who substantially REJECTED former Canmore Mayor RON CASEY as MLA for the new & improved Alberta Provincial Government.
exMayor Casey refused (denied sanctuaries & costs funding) to rescuers such as Animal Rescue Corp. from saving hundreds of feral rabbits - Casey allowed cruel suffocation deaths instead.

Canmore Town Council has not much changed in their attitudes towards the Rabbits, humane rescue and rescuer funding issues. We still need your support !!  PLEASE SIGN & SHARE our petition Canmore STOP Killing Rabbits


Dec 16 - Legislature protest went well. for pictures see facebook - canmore bunnies rescue ...

Dec.17 - faxed letter to Canmore : letter2canmore-17dec2014.pdf

Nov 7 & 23 - protest rallys at alberta legislature - where exMayor Ron Casey now sits as an MLA for Bow Valley - in part due to rabbit kill media attention (without all facts reported as per my handouts - see Events page ).

29 Oct 2014 - New Petition to Supreme Court to Reconsider hearing appeal  - motionjudge-29oct2014  ( updates will be posted under court blog link on this website )


04 Nov: Sadly, Town of Canmore continues to trap-kill rabbits, not allowing any resceuers to save any rabbits to any sanctuaries.

Will be contacting Supreme Court tommorow to find out how motions for injunction are proceeding.