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Remove Barriers to Rescue  - posted July 2012

Canmore Officials say they have a rabbit population & public safety problem – but still illogically block rescuers from helping to remove the rabbits. Fact is, the more people working to solve the problem the sooner it gets done.
Any good rescuers should be allowed to register to do trapping, and trapping funds should go to pay rescue volunteers “per rabbit caught” for  use for spay-neuter, medicines, sanctuary and relocation. To make it easier to solve the issue more quickly, rescue volunteers should not be required to have a Canmore business license, or be a registered charity which can take too long to process or be used to unfairly block useful volunteers.Canmore can easily afford to provide extended group coverage insurance using  their town insurance company or the same insurer used by Animal Damage Control.  Ironically, Canmore gave the kill contractors an escape clause by a no-fault form that relieves both trapper & property owner of all liability. This should have also been given to rescuers to enable rescue trapping.
update: view supreme court motions for injunction / strike bylaws - the BC Govt had far less restrictive policies for the UVic Rabbit Rescue - why is Canmore being so unfair - especially since the more people working on the problem, the sooner it gets solved !