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Motion to Reconsider 20 Feb 2014

I submitted this "Reconsider" motion to Supreme Court, Canmore & Alberta lawyers.  I added these motion Amendments and refer to evidence from an earlier motion to strike Canmore's illegal bylaws that put a price and government censorship to subvert the public Charter Right for "Freedom of Speech".  We cannot get "fair & equal treatment under law" Charter s.15.  For more info refer to Appeal page "CASE FACTS" below list of evidence.

29 Oct 2014 During the summer of 2014 SCC got a new Registrar who simply returned my application without any proper review. So I filed  a new motion to SCC to reconsider hearing this appeal. As you read my SCC Application to Appeal and my original Motion to Reconsider with Addendum-28 April 2014 with the evidence links below & common law online will will begin to see how unjust, corrupt and unfairly bigoted some of the Alberta Court system really is.  Judges  made a political decision, ignoring facts, evidence laws, Supreme Court decisions, and Rules of Court. Appeal Judges ignored all my evidence to make me take the blame for Alberta & Canmore faulty laws & bylaws, lack of evidence, charter rights violations, contract law violations and inhumane acts.  Appeal Judges even lied in their spin doctoring their decision - note the Events handout for Aug.2014 which clearly shows I/we had sanctuaries since Nov.2011.

Supreme Court decision in Godbout v Longueiul (city) which decided two key issues - it is discriminatory to demand a person live in the town where they work and peoples Charter rights are always active - yet Calgary judges ignored these "inconvenient" legal facts among many others.

Chief Justice Mclachlin's SCC welcoming comments and her previous 1999 remarks about "real-world court decisions" sounds good, but reality 15 years later, the "justice system" is no better.   That is why every province needs a publicly elected committee to oversee each law society, lawyers & judges - with the powers to investigate, issue demerits, fines, suspensions and terminations - which could be overseen by a revised Canadian Senate. Provincial Oversight Committees would also help reduce Appeal Court work by giving unbiased opinions to potential appellates, helping to weed out pointless appeals that are clearly destined to fail.   Each province committee would review and recommend cases that should be heard by the Supreme Court -which could be more effectively productive with teams of 5 justices making decisions for most cases (except for life or death issues).

Valid case complaints like this should also be reversed by a committee decision if the Supreme Court is too busy on other matters. Such a committee will  protect average peoples legal rights, and will also free & protect good judges & lawyers to advance based on their performance - not just who their friends are in the law society or politicians.  The lawyers and judges will finally be freer from major influences of big business and the elected government that controls their jobs and licenses, so as to better serve the public laws with true fairness and honest justice. What group of everyday people is empowered to watchdog the legal rights of everyday citizens ?  Nobody effective right now - we need the rule of law, not the rule of lawyers and ex-lawyer judges whose end goal is maximizing income for their profession, protecting their co-professionals.

This is just one of many such cases - you would be surprised to learn how many innocent people are abused and the rapists and murders wander freely about society because they had enough money &/or political connections to get away with their crimes.  Some may say, that the way it is, I reply: Over 100 years ago, women could not vote, yet that too changed like so many other advances in our society - so we should strive to improve our defective, unjust legal system to make the legal system more fair for all people.

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2013 Apply to Supreme Court

Evidence Vol1.pdf = all 2012 Alberta Court of Appeal evidence (A-F)  

Evidence-vol2-TOC-28july2013-scc    Evidence-vol2A-scc.pdf    

 Evidence-vol2B-scc.pdf              Evidence-vol2C-scc.pdf

For proof of blog EARS-Crocodile Tears refer Vol.2C sec.4-6