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Feb 2013 -
News: CanmoreRabbitRescue.Org  independent website
facebook group : Canmore Rabbit Rescue
VideoBorn 2B Alive !!   iphone version
info: Euthanasia & Reproduction info - left bottom Welcome msg
Video : 2011 Canmore Rabbits (retrospective)
News:  new website:
our facebook group:  Canmore Bunnies Rescue

Jan 2013
Blog: Kudos to Canmore's Bunny People
Blog - updated: Canmore Official Lies
video: LifeTrek - Canmore Rabbit Rescue   iphone
Blog - updated: EARS Crocodile Tears
News - update: Court Strike application
Blog:  repaired links to download legal documents
VideoWhen Jesus Leaves Canmore ...
Blog: Nazi Canmore - History Repeats
News: How Canmore Chose to Kill
info: Protest handout 17 Nov 2012  (link fixed)

Dec 2012
News: Court Strike Application
News: Seeking Kill Injunction
Blog: EARS Crocodile Tears
Blog: Canmore Official Lies